The Superhero Notebook

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the superhero notebook

Superhero Notebook

Product Description

Let the imaginations of the super kids in your life expand!  The little boys in your life will love this notebook.  It is so cool as it has spaces for drawing and for writing on the same page!  Here are some of the key points about this notebook:

  • Each page has half space for drawing and the other half for writing.  
  • The “superkid” you have in mind can use their imaginations to build stories
  • They get practice with drawing
  • They also get practice with writing
  • It doesn’t feel like homework
  • The cover can inspire them to be their best
  • This makes a perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas stocking stuffers

Do you know a little boy who loves Superheros or Action figures in cartoons or in the movies?  This is something they will be proud to own and show off to their friends and family.