My Bookshelf
Collection Journal

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my bookshelf collection journal

My Bookshelf
Collection Journal

Product Description

This journal is for the book lover who wants to keep track of all of their books. What books they want to read, the books they’ve read, and what they’ve liked or haven’t liked about their books. It is also a good place to jot down some of those key points you want to remember. It is a perfect place for you to reference the summary of your book as you see it! Included is:

  • “This book journal belongs to” page
  • My Book Wish List” page
  • Table of contents-book index pages
  • 2 page spread for book review
  • Rating system for your books-included in the review area and in the book index
  • Book “purchased” and “read” columns in the “Book Wish List”
  • 1 full-page in book review spread dedicated to your personal notes on the book and notes you don’t want to forget

This journal can definitely keep you up to date with your library and is a good place to jot down your favorite memories of your books. This soft-covered book is easy to keep with you in your purse or backpack. Makes it convenient for those trips to the bookstore! This also makes a great gift to the book lover in your life. Happy book journaling!