I'm Rockin' It!
2022 Planner-Teal

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i'm rockin it planner 2022 teal

I'm Rockin' It!
2022 Planner-Teal

Product Description

This 8.5×11 planner gives ample space to plan out your months and weeks for 2022. Our planner includes:

  • A 2022 yearly calendar that is useful for broad-scale planning.
  • A “Dates To Remember” page for all the important holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, vacation dates, and yearly appointments.
  • A monthly calendar view, with boxes for writing the special events, appointments, and tasks needed to be done in the month.
  • Goal setting page for each month with space for 3 top goals and 3 tasks needed to complete each goal and get things done.
  • Weekly spread that is set out over 2 pages and visible without having to flip pages. Ample space for writing in the necessities.
  • The weekly spread is broken up into spaces to write tasks for morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • There is also space for writing weekly goal setting.


This planner has a beautiful faux leather look and feel. It is a soft-covered planner that is easy to take with you as needed. The planner is suitable for those who like a very minimalist approach. The “I’m Rockin’ It” title gives that boost of motivation to continue being productive and achieving your goals.