Graph Paper

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graph paper notebook

Graph Paper

Product Description

Graph paper is a very versatile form of paper and can be used in many ways in your everyday life. This graph paper notebook is also attractive enough that you won’t mind having it out on display! Unique enough to be easily recognized as your notebook. Here are some uses for a graph paper notebook:

  • a planner. Set it up to what works for you. Include yearly, monthly, and weekly calendar views. Map out your to-do’s and appointments in a weekly and/or daily schedule.
  • for lists-use it for grocery lists, vacation packing checklists, bucket lists, to-do lists.
  • keep as a general notepad.
  • weight tracker-track your weight and notice your progress.
  • mood tracking-note your moods through different colors on the grid. See what moods have been prominent for you.
  • use as a project planner. Bring those dreams to life in this notebook.
  • brain dump. Is your mind full of ideas? Put them all out on paper-arrange them in sections. Bring more focus to your big plan.
  • journaling practice. Yes, you can use this type of notebook for any type of journaling practice
  • create a color mosaic masterpiece. Color in the grids and let your imagination run wild!
  • class notes. The classic use for a graph notebook for math or science classes

Yes. The uses for graph paper notebooks are many and so versatile, they are limited only by your imagination! It can happen in a graph paper notebook!