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My Name is Donna.
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About Us Here at Life's Journey Books

I am purely guessing here, but  as you are here browsing on my site, I will guess you love books.  You are not alone!  People love to read books but they also love to physically work with books.  Books they can write in, create in, and be productive in.

At Life’s Journey Books I create books that you can use.  Books to keep your schedules in.  Ones to take class notes in.  Books to journal your thoughts in.  I create blank books for you to use as you please-to become as creative as you want to be.  I also create books that have planned out pages already, so you can get to work right away with your book.

Stop By The Life's Journey Bookshop!

Thank you so much for stopping by my website.  Be sure to stop by our Bookshop where you can find all of the books that have been created so far.  You will find detailed descriptions and most books will also contain flip through pages so you can see what the interior pages look like.  If you like a book you see, you can conveniently purchase the book right from my website.

My Books Are Found On Amazon

As I mentioned, my books are all ones I personally create. From the cover, to the interiors. The purchase process goes through Amazon.  I am thrilled to be working with this reputable company who sells and processes millions of transactions daily. From purchase to delivery you can get the amazing service you have come to expect from Amazon.  My books are also eligible for Amazon Prime. You can also find Life’s Journey Books on our Amazon Author Central Page!

Thank you For Stopping By

I love books and I love using books!   Writing in them, creating in them, and being productive in them.  I do hope you find my books useful.  Just to say, I am always interested in new ideas for books.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your browsing experience and remember that…

Life is a journey…with books!

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