A Calming Life

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a calming life journal

A Calming Life

Product Description

We all know as women we are busy with numerous facets in our life. Home & family. Work life. The only thing that is missing out is ourselves. What are we doing to replenish ourselves? How do we take care of ourselves? How do we slow down? Exploring those questions and more is what this journal is all about. Some ideas for this journal:

  • Explore all the reasons life is so busy for you.
  • Journal what you could do to give yourself more space in your day.
  • Write affirmations for yourself for a more calming lifestyle-you deserve it!
  • Add a daily practice of journaling to give yourself this form of self-care.
  • Inspire your own form of creativity with drawings or doodles.
  • Too many thoughts? Brain dump your ideas out here.
  • Create your game plan for a more calming life.
  • Monitor your progress and remain aware through your journaling practice.

You are worth this time of self-exploration. Make this a time for yourself. Be inspired by the cover image and go further. Make your life a calm one, start journaling. Enjoy your time!